We supply flue gas modulating and shut-off Dampers, Goggle Valves. It commands an excellent fabrication potential. CNC controlled machine tools, qualified welding technology based upon the certificate of competency to DIN 18800.

Goggle Valves provide a 100% gastight isolation of gas mains in terms of UVV regulations, without a sealing media. They are used for the shut-off of blast furnace – or coke gas mains.

Guillotine dampers are suitable for handling and isolating heavy dust laden, hot flue gas. The operating and design temperatures are 360°C and 400°C respectively. Design pressure is 110mbar and the max. Dust ladden is 1100g/cbm

Sickle isolators were developed specifically for the gas tight closure of flue gas ducts conveying dust laden media and in which high levels of dust deposits can form. The operating and design temperatures are 380°C and 450°C respectively. The pressure with valve close is 150mbar.

Louver and Double louver dampers are suitable for boiler area of power stations for regulating and shut-off purpose of atmospheric air and flue gas. And it provides 100% gas tight isolation accordance with UVV(periodic accident prevention inspection) by its NICROFLEX- HIPERFORM DBP sealing system.

Toggle disc valve is used as an emergency valve for blast furnace gas fired boilers. It may be used at elevated temperatures of up to 700°C and a differential pressure of 100 to 500mbar.


Alstom, Doosan, Siemens, FLSmidth, Union, BASF, Lurgi, Flender, Volvo etc