We offer compensators in four different groups and for various applications. Nominal sizes from DN 20 to DN 5000 are available.

In addition to a comprehensive standard range of products, additional compensators can be manufactured according to customers’ specifications and pipe systems – with and without tie rods. It is also possible to provide expansion joints with special accessories in order to fully exploit the advantages of the expansion joints for virtually all applications.

Rubber Expansion Joints- Our wide range of rubber expansion joints (20 types) in 8 different rubber qualities and various reinforcements allow a tailor-made solution to be found for every application. We carry a large permanent stock of rubber expansion joints from DN 20 to 1000 to ensure fast delivery at all times

PTFE Expansion Joints- Various types of PTFE expansion joints are used predominantly in the area of chemical plant construction. These expansion joints are used either as pure PTFE bellow expansion joints or alternatively as a combination between rubber expansion joints with PTFE facing.

Fabric Expansion Joints- Our 300 series expansion joints are highly flexible expansion joints which have become indispensable structural elements in the areas of power generation (coal, oil-fired and nuclear power stations, gas turbine power plants), ore processing (blast furnaces and sinter plants), the cement industry, air conditioning and conveying technology (fans and blowers, in pneumatic and vibrating conveying systems, shipbuilding, apparatus and engine construction and numerous other branches of industry. They compensate thermal expansion on all planes and absorb mechanical and acoustic vibrations.

Stainless Steel Expansion Joints- stainless steel expansion joints are made of diverse materials depending on specific application requirements. A large number of standard components in a wide range of types are available. These expansion joints are calculated and designed according to customers’ specifications and pipe systems.

Stainless Steel Hoses- stainless steel hoses are manufactured from DN 15/3/8" to DN 150/6" in a wide range of lengths and with diverse connections for marine, industrial engine, large-scale plant, press and automation use.