We supply products as well as participate in projects.

We cater to steel, mining, aluminum, copper and chemical industries, refineries and power plants.
  1. Copper Mould Plates, Mould Tubes & Beam Blanks for Slab, Billet, Bloom & CSP Caster
  2. Universal Shafts, Gear Couplings & Gear Spindles for Rolling Mills and Casters
  3. Cast/ Work Rolls for Hot Rolling Mills
  4. Copper Tuyeres & Cooling Plates for Blast Furnace and Electric Arc Furnace in Steel Melting Shop
  5. Dampers and Goggle Valves for Blast Furnace
  6. Debricking and Deslagging Machine for Steel Melting Shop & Smelters
  7. Forged Rolls for Cold Rolling Mills
  8. Rolls for Hot Strip Mill & Continuous Caster
  9. Furnace Riders & Pins for Pusher type & Walking beam furnace
  10. Gas Analyzers for Blast furnace and Coke oven gases
  11. Metallic and Non-Metallic Expansion Joints for Casters & Rolling Mills
  12. Roll Gap Checker & Measuring Instruments for Caster
  13. Sensors, Hot Metal Detector & Loop Scanners for Rolling Mills and Casters
  14. Slab & Continuous Casting Machines, Complete Mould, Complete Segments (Vertical & Horizontal) Electric Arc Furnace, Ladle Furnace and Transportation Cars & Cranes
  15. Thermodynamic Elements for Slide Gate Mechanism in Steel Melting Shop
  16. Plastic Pumps for all types of acids & Corrosive liquids
  17. Swivel Joints