We offer the below measurement instruments for the Steel Industries

Gaptor/ Roll Gap Checker the innovative strand condition roll checker has become an integrative element of quality control in modern continuous caster technology. Gaptor enables the control of all potential error sources and provides detailed information about the condition of the strand guidance. The survey of all quality relevant parameters like roll gap, roll rotation, roll bend and water spray allows for preventive maintenance actions which account for cost reductions.

Gaptor-IC is the special In-Chain version with the sensor heads mounted directly in the dummy bar. The condition of the caster is monitored during every start-up. This happens without any additional expenditure of time.

Mini/Midi/Maxicap- The manual measurement of the roll gap of a continuous caster machine was always a big issue. From now it is easy! The product series of the manual roll gap measurement devices Mini/Midi/MaxiGap combines high precision together with easy operation. They deliver reliable information about the condition of the roll gap of a continuous caster machine.

MiniMould is designed to determine the inner dimensions of rectangular and squarish billet and bloom moulds.The periodical inspection of the mould dimensions is a fundamental element of quality control activities in the steel production. Wear and deformation can be monitored very early. Thereby preventive maintenance actions can be taken in an early phase to ensure cost savings.

MiniTap- The taper measurement device MiniTap uses a high precision electronic together with an inclinometer connected to a self-centering mechanic. MiniTap allows an easy and precise determination of the taper of the mould. The self-centering mechanic ensures that the spacer is nestled.


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