We supply specialized high performance and reliable optical sensors and dimension measuring equipments for continuous caster and rolling mill automation. The products are designed to withstand the extreme conditions of the steel industry.

Hot Metal Detectors

The scanning system, in association with state-of-the-art IR photocell technology, is the optimal solution for accurate, fast and reliable detection of products whatever the size and temperature. It works under adverse conditions such as water, steam, dust or scale. It is particularly well adapted to applications where change of process results in a significant variation of the temperature of the product or of its emission factor.

The ROTA SONDE DC 6000, DC 3000, DC 2000 are based on optical scanning, for reliable and accurate detection of products as cold as 2500C. All information, including alarms, operating parameters and infrared radiation level can be remotely checked and the sensitivity level adjusted

Loop Scanner

The ROTA SONDE TS 2006 optically scans the field to be controlled and does not need any optical adjustment. It accurately measures the size of the loop on wire, rod and profile mills, even for special metals, and in the presence of steam and fumes. Loop Scanners with analogue output can control loops, center hot strip and provide positioning information for a wide range of other applications. For cold product, an auxiliary IR source is used in conjunction with the TS 2006

Long Range and High Temperature Proximity Switches

The long range proximity switches IG 120 and IW 100 are housed in sturdy fibreglass cases and are completelt sealed from dust and moisture.They have a sensing range up to 120 mm and a sensing field upto 120 mm. the high temperature inductive proximity switchesIH can work in ambient temperatures upto 180°c.

Photoelectric Barriers

Optical Barriers have been designed with aluminum cast housing and optional air purge and water cooling for use in harsh steel mill environments. Laser Barriers V5, VL/VRG and ELM/VRFare used in applications where steam, dust or fumes are heavy, as in the case of a water spray chamber, a scarfing machine or a reheating furnace.

Measuring and Positioning Sensors

TRILAS TL is a digital, high resolution, non-contact laser triangulation sensor. DILAS FT is a digital, high resolution, non-contact laser distance meter sensor. The target may be hot (up to 1200° C) or cold, stationary or moving, by combining several sensors, dimensional measurements and shape readings can be achieved. Typical applications include slab width and length measurement on continuous caster; slab, bloom, billet positioning; measurement on forging machine; bloom, billet length; diameter measurement; strip loop control.

Smart Linear Cameras provides solutions for measurement in all strip process industries including cold and hot steel mills, for applications such as: width measurement, edge position, center line deviation. It is a modular equipment based on high-resolution cameras. TSP is a high-resolution linear camera for non-contact, on-line measurement. TSP directly delivers an analogue signal proportionate either to the position of the edge or centerline, or to the width of the product. DR 3000 can detect any small section product in a large field of view.

Heavy Duty Pulse Generators

The heavy-duty incremental encoders GOP and GOC are used to control motor speed, to measure length or position on casters and rolling mills, in harsh environments with shocks, vibrations, water and high temperatures. The water cooling option allows for use in applications with ambient temperatures up to 120 °C.