We supply both standard and customized Swivel Joints. These are Rotary Units built in ball races, therefore, they can be used anywhere to transport fluid or gaseous media between two relatively movable points. Our swivel joints have a turning capacity of up to 360°

Swivel Joints are made of the materials 1.7225 (42CrMo4), 1.0570 (ST52-3) and 1.4571 (X6CrNiMoTi 17-12) as standard.

They are produced internally, and they are available in nominal diameters from ND08 to ND700. Connections used for swivel joint heads which are made of carbon steel are normally made of the materials ST35.8 or C22.8

We supply Swivel Joints in different models. As a result of the modular conception, the connections can be chosen optionally. In addition to the standard swivel joints, we are also supply various customized constructions